Click on the thumbnail pictures to view some of our previous streams! Next stream will be live on the I Play Games Facebook Page, September 19th!

June Xbox Thumbnail.jpg

Uncle Tito tests his skills in the Charity FIFA eTournament. Bobby Albino also shares some of the up and coming trends in the soccer scene. 

June PS4 Thumbnail.jpg

The Buckeye State's 2019 OSSCA D-1 Assistant Coach of the Year, Ben Barret, brings his soccer knowledge and insight to the Charity FIFA eTournament broadcast 

Kyle PS4 Thumbnail.jpg

Bowling Green's pride and joy, Kyle Dudley, brings his energy and broadcasting experience to the Charity FIFA eTournament! 

FIFA Ps4 Stream.jpg

CSF Program Director, Carlos Santizo hosts the very first Charity FIFA eTournament!